EcoClean Continuous Deflective Separation Gross Pollutant Trap

Combining non-blinding screens and flow management, the continuous deflective separation (CDS) gross pollutant trap (GPT) is a non-powered, low maintenance alternative to traditional direct screening approach for most of the current GPTs.

CDS GPT can be retrofitted into existing and newly constructed drainage system and is designed to remove all types of gross pollutants including sediments, rubbish, oil and grease effectively from the storm water.

CDS GPT can also function as a pre-treatment for water flow into ponds, wetlands or on-site detention ponds, thus protecting the water body from water pollutions. It is also capable of removing fine and coarse sediments of micron size.

CDS GPT utilises indirect screening technology to trap pollutants and sediments. It is a unique, non-blocking screen design which can cause particles to quickly settle into the sump while filtered water flows out into the downstream waterways.

CDS GPT comes in two forms; Precast Concrete or Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP).

EcoClean CDS GPT | EcoClean Technology Sdn. Bhd.
CDS GPT | EcoClean Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Normal Direct Screening
Particles will impact directly on the screen and eventually cause blinding

CDS GPT | EcoClean Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Indirect CDS Screening Technology

Particles sweep past the screen due to the vortex created by the flow of the water resulting in a clear screen, preventing blinding

Applications of CDS

CDS Performance

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Case Study

Port Dickson CDS System together with Media Treatment Without Electricity

PH                   :                   6.6 to 7.6

BOD               :           50% removal

COD               :           40% removal

TSS                 :           65% removal

Oil & Grease   :           93% removal

Improvement of water quality index from Class V to Class III


Class III – Further treatment required if to be used for water supply, can be utilised for livestock drinking

Class V – Water is not suitable for any use

River of Life Phase II: Sullage Water Treatment Plant

Conventional Treatment

All the above individual components can be found in one single CDS GPT

Water samples before (left bottle) and after (right bottle) flowing through the Sullage Water Treatment Plant

Improvement of water quality index from Class V to Class IIA

In short, the CDS GPT can produce a continuous predictable flow resulting from the non blocking screen. This allows rubbish and sediment to be collected up to 100% capacity in the sump with no bypass flow compared to a typical sump without a non blocking screen.

Maintenance Methods

Vacuum truck method
Machinery Lifting Method

Scaffolding Lifting Method