Aquaponics System

Continuous Deflective Separation Gross Pollutant Trap

Aquaponics is a synergy between aquaculture and hydroponic whereby aquaculture involves the raising of aquatic creatures in an enclosed environment while hydroponic involves cultivating plants in a soilless environment. Essentially, the fishes will work to help grow vegetation.

The water within the system is recycled through the system coupled with an intricate balance of fish feed, fish species and vegetation type to provide a sustainable ecosystem to harvest both fishes and vegetables for personal or commercial use.

Several types of fishes suitable for aquaponic includes:

Several types of vegetation suitable for aquaponic includes:

A cast in-situ concrete tank for the aquatic creatures and a fibreglass reinforced polymer (FRP) tank for the vegetables ensures shorter construction time and water tightness.

Aquaponics | EcoClean Technology Sdn. Bhd.

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Our director is a firm believer of aquaponic and has even developed his own system at his personal residence.

Passionate about the aquaponic system, EcoClean Technology Sdn Bhd has been privileged to be involved with a pilot aquaponic project at Petaling Jaya. The company was also privileged to have the Guru of Aquaponics, Murray Hallam, present during the project to provide his invaluable knowledge, advice and expertise towards the success of the pilot project.